Bidding options:

a. Absentee bid. You can leave a commission during the viewing days or send your bid by mail after registration.  We will always try to get you the lot at the most advantageous price.  If some received commissions are equal, the first sent bid takes precedence over the one(s) that were sent later. Absentee bids must be transmitted at least 24 h before the start of the sale.

b. Telephone. You will be called during the sale. We don't accept telephone requests for lots under € 500. The auction house is not responsable for any failure in the telephone communication during the sale. Phone bids can be requested at least 24 h before the start of the sale.

c. Online live. In addition to the usual selling fee of 25 % the buyer will pay a surcharge of 5 % if he purchases a lot through 'Invaluble Live' and 3 % through 'Drouot Live'. The sales room always gets priority if bids happen to be simultaneous. Online bidders are supposed to register at least 24 h before the sale starts.  We cannot guarantee the approval of late registrations.