Plate 300 €

After Paulus Oham. Pewter, Nürnberg, 17th-18th century.


Accordion 250 €

Covered with mother-of-pearl. Marked "J. Fiers".

A pair of bronze candle holders 500 €

Signed Pradier. Mounted on white marble bases.

A covered vase 150 €

Decoration with woman and children on a flowering ground. China, 19th century.

A cache-pot 450 €

Polychrome decor of a dragon on a flowering green ground. China.


Sèvres 300 €

Base and cover; Sèvres, Château des Tuileries. Gilt-bronze mounts. End 19th century.

A paire of cylindrical Canton vases 500 €

China, 19th. century.

Two famille rose vases 800 €

China, mark.


A pair of small candlesticks 300 €

Silver. London marks.


A charger 100 €

French earthenware, 18th century (chips, abrasions).

A Canton enamel three-piece Altar set tripod censer and a pair of baluster vases 700 €

A tripod censer and a pair of baluster vases China, 19th century.

An enamel octogonal dish 250 €

Marked at the back. China, Canton, 19th century.

Orithyia abducted by Boreas 500 €

Group in biscuit. Monogram LB and numbered 15. Sèvres, 18th century (old restorations).


A continental faience basket of fruit 250 €

En forme d´un panier ajouré garni de fruits. Décor polychrome. Faïence européenne.

Horse 300 €

Sculpted jade. China, Tang style.

A red-camaïeu dish warmer 20 €

China, 19th century (old restorations).

Saint Peter 250 €

Silver set with four stones. Marks. Neo-Gothic style.

A pair of gilt-bronze two-light wall wall appliques 450 €

Louis XVI style.

A blue-enameled baluster vase 1200 €

China, bears a Kangxi mark.

A pair of covered Canton vases 300 €

China, 19th century, a four-character mark (one lid knob missing)